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AVD 1.0 mL Resin Cartridge Base with 2.0mm Holes

$1.75 USD

This porous ceramic vape cart is engineered specifically for medical and recreational oil.  The AVD team are former growers and extractors that were unable to find a cart that they liked for their own products. They understood that they needed to make a better Vape Cartridge than the other companies that are out there today. With their industry knowledge, state of the art manufacturing, AVD has made a cart that they can personally back and use themselves. AVD have become the Leaders in new Vape Cartridges technology and quality.

AVD Ceramic Resin Cartridge Advantages:

  • AVD Porous Ceramic Coil to absorb extracts
  • Unique chemical resistance in both acidic and alkaline conditions
  • Outstanding erosion resistance allowing the carts to have a longer lifespan
  • 10.5mm x 67.8mm (1.0mL)
  • Clear with Silver Metal Hardware
  • Aperture (hole) size: 2.0mm - Designed for thick distillates with very little terpene cut
  • Press On, Non-Removable, Child Safe Closure (Requires an Arbor Press or Channel Lock Pliers)
  • Designed with A-Grade quality materials

*Cartridge Base Only