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Acloud Flavorite 0.5ml Vape Cartridge with 2.0 Hole

$2.15 USD

The Acloud Flavorite 0.5ml Vape Cartridge with 2.0 Hole is ideal for those desiring exceptional flavor delivery in their vaping experience. Four 2.0mm holes impart the oil to the the quartz coil which efficiently and effectively turns it into vapor. This coil renders the flavors of your terpenes expertly in conjunction with the unique design of the stylish mouthpiece. This cartridge is optimal for premium and full spectrum oils as it delivers full flavor. 

  • Price is for ONE Premium Cartridge.
  • Minimum order: 1 Cartridge
  • Box qty 100pcs
  • Delivers exceptional flavor quickly
  • 0.5ml capacity
  • 2.0mm oil intake holes (4)
  • Compatible with 510 thread batteries
  • Dimensions: 11mm x 47mm