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AVD 1.0 mL Resin Cartridge Base with 2.0mm Holes

$1.75 USD

This porous ceramic vape cart is engineered specifically for medical and recreational oil.  The AVD team are former growers and extractors that were unable to find a cart that they liked for their own products. They understood that they needed to make a better Vape Cartridge than the other companies that are out there today. With their industry knowledge, state of the art manufacturing, AVD has made a cart that they can personally back and use themselves. AVD have become the Leaders in new Vape Cartridges technology and quality.

AVD Ceramic Resin Cartridge Advantages:

  • AVD Porous Ceramic Coil to absorb extracts
  • Unique chemical resistance in both acidic and alkaline conditions
  • Outstanding erosion resistance allowing the carts to have a longer lifespan
  • Designed to withstand the highest temperatures
  • 10.5mm x 67.8mm (1.0mL)
  • Clear with Silver Metal Hardware
  • Aperture (hole) size: 2.0mm - Designed for thick distillates with very little terpene cut
  • Press On, Non-Removable, Child Safe Closure (Requires an Arbor Press or Channel Lock Pliers)
  • Designed with A-Grade quality materials

*Cartridge Base Only

AVD Filling Instructions:

The 1.0 mL cartridges have an overall length of 45.8mm.

  1. Insert a blunt tipped needle (14 gauge or smaller) into the space between the center airway tube and the outer wall of the cartridge to fill.
  2. Do not fill above the bottom of the metal collar on the open end of the cartridge. Caution: do not allow oil to enter the center airway tube. Do not overfill. If the cartridge is overfilled, fluid will be forced through the atomizer and leak out of the bottom of the cartridge when the mouthpiece is inserted. When the needle is withdrawn, do not allow fluid to drop into the inner surface of the cartridge where the mouthpiece is to be inserted. Fluid on this surface may act as a lubricant reducing retention of the mouthpiece.
  3. Immediately after filling, insert the mouthpiece and press the mouthpiece in until it is fully seated. Mechanical assistance is required to fully seat the mouthpiece. A light-duty arbor press is recommended. Do not use a hammer or mallet. Once the mouthpiece is fully seated, it cannot be removed without damaging the cartridge or the mouthpiece. Caution: failure to insert the mouthpiece immediately after filling may cause leakage. Do not twist or rotate the mouthpiece while it is being inserted.
  4. Cartridges should be allowed to stand 30 minutes before use. During this time, fluid is priming the atomizer. The rate that the atomizer saturates is dependent upon the viscosity of the fluid. More viscous fluids will require more time.
  5. Make sure you are using the correct aperture (hole size) setting. This depends on the viscosity of the oil.