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AVD Black Disposable Rechargeable Vape Cartridge (0.5 ml, 2.0mm)

$4.50 USD

The half gram AVD Glass Disposable vape pen is one of the most advanced and highest quality oil cartridges on the market engineered specifically for medical, and recreational oil. 

  • Commonly referred to a Disposable pen or disposable vape
  • AVD Porous Ceramic Coil to absorb extracts
  • Durable boro-silicate glass, Zero absorption, non leaching
  • 0.5ml – (47mm)
  • 10.5mm Diameter by 118.5mm Height
  • 1.4 ohms
  • Aperture (hole) size: 2.0mm - Designed for thick distillates with very little terpene cut
  • Top Loading compatible with most filling machines
  • Designed with A-Grade quality materials
  • 280 mAh Battery Capacity

  • Intermittent power wave maintains temperature for short or long rips

  • Micro USB charging port for extended shelf life
  • Multiple Mouthpiece color and shape options to choose from, setting your product apart.

**Cartridge Base and Disposable Battery Only, Requires separate mouthpiece