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ACTIVE EZ Click™ Ceramic Pro All in One Disposable Vape


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AVD is now ACTIVE™!

Maximum flavor. Maximum curb appeal. 

From its classy aesthetic to its smooth-hitting flavor, the Ceramic All-In-One lets you experience premium oils exactly as intended. Designed for high-end oils like rosin, live resin, or other high-terpene extracts, the ceramic All-In-One offers on-the-go convenience. Enjoy the ultimate vaping experience with full flavor and smooth hits. 

The premium Zirconia ceramic centerpost is designed for strength and durability. And the EZ Click™ fill and cap system helps you scale, whether you’re filling and capping by hand or with an automated system. Once capped, the Ceramic All-In-One is non-refillable and tamper-resistant.

0.3mL 180mAh

0.5mL 250mAh

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 0.3mL version - 89.85mm (without mouthpiece)
0.5mL version - 94.25mm (without mouthpiece)
Recommended Uses: Vape
Material: Ceramic
Battery Size (mAh): 0.3mL - 180 mAh
0.5mL - 250 mAh
Draw Method: Draw Activated
Charger: ["Micro-USB"]
Cartridge Capacity: 0.3 mL
0.5 mL
Cartridge Resistance: 1.6 ohms
Cartridge Aperture: ["1.7 mm"]
Cartridge Compatibility: EZ Click
Diameter: ["10.60 mm"]
What's Included?
Charger Included: No
Cartridge Included: ["Yes","All-in-One / Disposable"]
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