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AVD Clear Plastic Flat Mouthpiece (Fits Resin Cartridge)

$0.22 USD

The Flat Clear mouthpiece is a quality and comfortable mouthpiece which fits both half gram and full gram AVD Resin Press fit Cartridge bases. Your oil is you unique and so should your vape cart which makes the mouthpiece choice so important. An arbor press or channel lock pliers are required to seal this mouthpiece to the cartridge base.

*This product does not include Resin Cartridge Base.

  • Clear Flat Plastic Mouthpiece
  • Dimensions 29.68mm (height) by 9.98mm (diameter)
  • When pressed in to Cartridge base the height is 24.05mm
  • Hole Opening at the top is 4.40mm (diameter)
  • Hole Opening at base that connects to Cartridge is 3mm (diameter) 
  • Pressed on fit
  • Silicone seal at base that connects to the cartridge
  • Works with the AVD Resin Cartridges
  • This is sold as the Mouthpiece Only