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AVD Eazy-Press Glass Vape Cartridge Base (1.0 ml, 2.0mm)

$2.00 USD

The one gram AVD Easy Press Vape Cartridge is one of the most advanced oil cartridges on the market. Designed to make your production line run smoothly and efficiently. The Easy Press design keeps the carts tamper proof with its patented low torque, easy snap-on locking system. This porous ceramic vape cart is engineered specifically for medical and recreational oil. 

  • Commonly referred to as an AVD 1 gram vape cartridge
  • AVD proprietary Porous Ceramic Coil to absorb extracts
  • Unique chemical resistance in both acidic and alkaline conditions
  • Outstanding erosion resistance allowing the carts to have a longer lifespan
  • 5mm x 47mm (Tank only, excludes mouthpiece)
  • Clear with Silver Metal Hardware
  • Durable bolo-silicate Glass Tank, Zero absorption, non leaching
  • Aperture (hole) size: 2.0mm - Designed for thick distillates with very little terpene cut (Thicker CBD & THC oils, Distillate with less than a 20% cut)
  • Top Loading
  • 1.4 ohms
  • Universal 510 Threading for Battery
  • Press On, Non-Removable, Child Safe Closure
  • Designed with A-Grade quality materials
  • Only works with the AVD Eazy-Press Mouthpieces (Sold Separately)
  • AVD White Plastic Barrel Eazy-Press Mouthpiece
  • AVD Black Plastic Barrel Eazy-Press Mouthpiece
  • AVD Clear Plastic Barrel Eazy-Press Mouthpiece

*Cartridge Base Only