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Grand Puff Premium Classic Natural Paper Pre-Roll Cones (98mm / 26mm filter) | Box of 800

$75.00 USD

Grand Puff Reefer Size Premium Pre-Rolled Papers were designed to deliver a premium smoking experience. Natural paper Pre Rolled Cones designed to have a slow burn with no runs, truly making "Every Puff Grand". The included 26mm filter provides a heat buffer and a handle both for improved sessions. These 98mm x 26mm pre rolled cones are comprised of natural, unbleached rolling paper, evoking the feel of a classic joint. Each of these rolling cones is free of any printed logos and designs, leaving the perfect, customizable blank canvas for your brand. Ideal for approximately 0.6 grams of hemp flower. 

  • Price is for ONE box of 800
  • Made to fit in standard Knockbox or Thumper
  • Ultra-thin natural unbleached paper
  • Reefer size
  • 26mm crutch built in