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Custom Large Classic Clipper Lighters

Custom clipper lighters are an excellent way to send your brand home with customers. Get your logo on one of these lighters for mobile advertisement, and one that will likely get passed around! There is a reason custom Clipper lighters are so popular. They are cost effective, attractive, and a great chance to spread awareness of your product.

  • Clipper are refillable butane lighters
  • Replaceable flint doubles as a tamper / poker tool
  • Lighter shape allows the user to use the lighter without getting burned
  • Lighter releases additional butane when turned horizontal or upside down to make lighting your bowl easier



  • 480 lighters - $840 ($1.75 ea)
  • 2400 lighters - $3840 ($1.60 ea)


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or call at: (916) 760-1230