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Grand Puff Arbor Press

$179.00 USD

If you bought  cartridges that need to be pressed down (no screw thread) then this hand press machine is a must!  In fact, it is the only way to professionally press and seal the mouthpiece tip to the cartridge body.  Without a press machine you are stuck trying to push down the mouthpiece as far as you can but it will never lay flush.  There will always be a gap between the mouthpiece and the cartridge.  These press machine ensure a perfect product every time!

The Arbor Press is perfect for sealing your 0.5mL and 1.0mL cartridge bodies with invariable accuracy, achieving the perfect tension with the easy-to-use magnetic lever. It also provides the right amount of friction needed to safeguard your precious oils by precisely sealing your tip bottom edges with your cartridge body top edges--making this arbor press an essential addition to any dispensary. 
The twistable, base block also makes it easy to alternate between capping 1.0ml and/or 0.5ml cartridges. The L-shape design makes this arbor press the perfect press for any user, and its size is ideal for mounting onto any table or used standalone.

Each press includes:

  • 1x Arbor Press
  • 1x Jig
  • 1x Allen wrench
  • 1x Silicone mat
  • 1x Replacement table spring