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Jware King Size Pre-Roll Cones (109mm / 26mm filter) | Box of 800

$72.99 USD

Jware cones burn incredibly slow and are some of best quality cones on the market. They burn evenly and use a minimal amount of paper, resulting in very little ash. Combined with the highest quality food grade glue and an ultra-thin glue-line, the result is a seamless pre-roll.

Jware cones are developed, tested and trialed specifically for professionals. These cones only use laboratory approved filter papers for its white and brown cones, produced from white wood or natural bamboo pulp.

  • Price is for ONE box of 800 cones / pre-rolls
  • King sized (109mm)
  • 26mm filter / crutch included
  • Made to fit in standard Knockbox


 What size do you need? This guide can help you with your cones purchasing decision. Please keep in mind that these are only estimations.

  • ± 0.5 grams = 1 1/4" / 84mm   
  • ± 0.6 grams = Reefer / 98mm
  • ± 1.0 grams = King / 109mm