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With decades of combined cannabis packaging design, whether you have a design or not, our team can create the packaging that stands out and represents your brand how it deserves to be.

Low Order Minimums

With low order minimums and regulations changing constantly, you can have multiple versions of art for differest strains, flavors or products without investing in packaging that may become obsolete before you can use it.  Orders begin at 5,000 bags per design / SKU.

quick turnaround

Get to  market quicker with our industry leading turn around times.  Our team will help you meet those deadlines and get y
our product on the shelves quicker.

STEP 1: Choose Your Size

1 gram mylar bag

bag size

3.5" x 4.5" + 1.6"

eighth ounce mylar bag

bag size

3.9" x 4.9" + 2.4"

quarter ounce mylar bag

bag size

4.7" x 5.9" + 2.4"

half ounce mylar bag

bag size

6.2" x 6.9" + 2.06"

ounce mylar bag

bag size

7.0" x 7.9" + 2.4"

quarter pound mylar bag

bag size

12.0" x 9.5" + 3.9"

one pound mylar bag

bag size

15.35" x 12" + 6"

pre roll  mylar bag

bag size

1.5" x 6"

Step 2: Choose Your Material



Clear PET


STEP 3: Choose Your Closure

Child Resistant


For items that require the packaging to be child resistant for multiple uses, we always recommed the tear notch with child resistant zipper.  Our bags and zippers are produced at a very high quality and can withstand multiple openings.


Depending on your local laws regarding cannabis packaging, single use is considered child resistant until packaging is opened.  By removing the tear notch and heat sealing the bag, the packaging is single use child resistant.  To reduce cost, removing the zipper on single use bags can go a long way.

Top Fill

Top fill means that the bottom of the bag will be sealed during production, allowing for the top top of the bag to be heat sealed after adding product to the mylar bags.  

Bottom Fill

With bottom fill, you don't have to open the zipper on top, simply fill the bags from bottom and heat seal them leaving a clean untouched zipper for the customers at the point of purchase.

Step 4: Added Features

hang hole

Provide the retailer with more than one way to display your product by adding a hang hole. Size and shape can be customized.


By adding a gusset to the bag, not only will it allow for more packaging space inside of the bag, but you will also be able to stand the bag up on the shelf for easy display. Gusset size can be custom size, clear or opaque.

rounded corners

Depending on the customer and the brand, some companies prefer rounded corners on bags, for a more modern look. Let us know if you prefer straight corners or rounded when you place your order.

tear notch

Adding a tear notch allows the customer to open the bag a bit easier, once the bag has been sealed. Depending on your child resistance requirements, removing the tear notch can qualify for single use child resistance.

Custom Shaped Mylar Bags

Custom shaped mylar bags are a growing trend in the Cannabis industry.  Create a custom shaped mylar bag with us, to help your brand stand out on the shelves.

Mylar Bags With Custom Windows

Show off your buds, with unique window shapes.  Windows can be any shape and size and do not have to be the standard ractangle or oval you find on generic bags.

Step 5:  Choose Finish and Color

Finish off the design process by selecting from either gloss or matte textures.  Deppending on the process used to produce your bags, we can blend matte and gloss together to provide texture differences to your bags.

Metallic Knockouts

Metallic knockouts are what we use to show the metal layer below the gloss or matte finish.  We can use iridescent material for the metallized layer or gold.  Placing a spot UV finish over the metal knockout gives a colorful metallized look to your design.

spot uv

Do you have certain parts of your design that you would like to highlight?  Spot UV allows for us to add a glossy look to your matte texture bags.  A great way to provide multiple textures to your bag, or highlight your logo on a matte background.

soft touch

Differing from standard matte texture, soft touch is more of a velvety rubber feel.  Soft touch is a great way to add a feeeling of luxury to your packaging line.

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