Custom Labels

Branding Questionnaire

Need help with developing your brand? Need a logo or maybe just some stickers and labels to get started? We got you! 

Our team is here to help create engaging and impactful artwork, from logos, custom packaging to distribution ready state-compliant labels. Please start by filling out our simple questionnaire below and if you have any questions or need a quote, call our offices and speak to a team member today.

Stand apart from the crowd with premium labels for all of your products from Brand King. In addition to supplying premium cannabis packaging, we print and apply custom labels in-house. We utilize multiple industrial printers in-house for both small and large runs of various label types, finishes, and dimensions. Our dedicated Application staff work with automated label application machines, ensuring consistent and cost- effective results with every job.

What is a brand?

When someone (whether they are a client or not) comes into contact with you, your company, and how it is perceived – this is your brand in action. Branding is so much more than a cool logo and a catchy tagline. Those things will help, but they are just part of the recipe. We’re here to insure that your brand is reflected in the best possible way on all of your custom labels, packaging & products.

Brand King’s selection offers businesses a ton of options for customizing their labels in a way that stands out from the shelves while delivering the information that differentiates your products. From the type of paper you pick to the colors you use to the amount of space the label takes up on the packaging, there are so many ways you can create a custom label that’s just as unique and compelling as the product inside

So you’ve decided on the perfect container for your product. Maybe you’ve even used our design services to create a unique label that will set your product apart from all the others. Well, we don’t stop there. We truly are your one stop shop. Why spend hours applying your new labels yourself? We’re already set up to handle that task, quickly and economically. Whether it be glass & plastic jars containers or flat sided products such as the top of a lid or on bags, we can have your item delivered to you labeled and ready to go.

Pricing available here in our Design, Print & Application Guide.