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ACTIVE's top-tier cartridge now with added XL performance 

Give your consumers the ultimate experience for your high-end oils. The wide-body design enhances airflow for even smoother hits, with zirconia ceramic delivering the purest of flavors.

Show off your live resins and rosins

The brilliant white zirconia ceramic center post, crystal clear borosilicate glass, and gold trim are the perfect backdrop to showcase the beauty of your premium extracts.

Cooler, smoother draws

The large oil reservoir and wide body design is engineered for an elevated vape experience.

Savor the purity

Metal-free. Glue-free. And precision-engineered using zirconia ceramic. Renowned for delivering award-winning flavors.

Seamlessly integrates with the Root XL Battery

Optimize your consumer experience. Pair it with the Root XL Battery featuring ACTIVE Pulse™ technology. And dial in the perfect draw with temperature settings for various extracts.

Tougher than regular ceramic

ACTIVE uses Zirconia ceramic. Known for it's hardness and wear resistance.

Flavor preservation

  • Engineered for live resin, rosin, and other premium extracts
  • XL design enhances airflow for smoother hits
  • ACTIVE No-Burn Technology™ for flavor and cannabinoid preservation


  • Accentuates the natural beauty of your extracts


  • Scale and save with the EZ Click low-pressure fill and cap system.
  • Cartridges and mouthpieces come pre-racked in 50 unit trays
  • Designed to use with leading automation platforms


  • Zirconia ceramic for strength
  • Premium borosilicate glass body
  • Wider body design enhances durability
  • Gold trim finish
  • Glue-free compression-fitted body
  • Tamper-resistant and non-refillable after capping
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