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Plastic Barrel Mouthpiece


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AVD is now ACTIVE™!

The ACTIVE™ Plastic Barrel Vape Cartridge Mouthpiece is the perfect solution for cannabis companies looking to enhance their production line efficiency. This high-quality and comfortable mouthpiece is designed to fit both half-gram and full-gram ACTIVE™ and GoodCarts EZ Click™ Cartridges.

The EZ Click™ Mouthpiece design keeps your cartridges tamper-proof with its patented low torque, easy snap-on locking system. The silicone seal at the base ensures a tight fit, and the mouthpiece is sold as a separate piece from the Cartridge Base. This allows for easy replacement, and the mouthpiece is compatible with both the ACTIVE™ and GoodCarts EZ Click Cartridges.

This product does not include the EZ Click™ Cartridge Base, and is sold as the Mouthpiece Only. Upgrade your production line and provide a comfortable and secure vaping experience for your customers with the Black Plastic Barrel Vape Cartridge Mouthpiece.

  • Once the EZ Click™ mouthpiece is installed, it cannot be removed for filling. It is a permanent press-fit that helps keep your product safe and tamper-resistant.

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    Product Specifications
    Recommended Uses: Vape
    Material: Plastic
    Cartridge Compatibility: EZ Click
    What's Included?
    Cartridge Included: ["No"]
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