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eBottles 60 Dram Glass Child-Resistant Straight Sided Jar 53/400

$1.15 USD

These jars are thick wall and rugged and will perform well for your most valuable products. This glass jars is capable of storing up to 1/4 oz or 7 grams. The amount of organic product these jars can hold is dependent on size and density. This Jar allows for easy labeling and is a great container for jams, salsa, relishes, tasty green organic flower strains, chocolate sauces, cosmetics and beauty products.

  • Price is for ONE Jar
  • Minimum order: 56 Jars 
  • Sold in packs of 56
  • Capacity: 6 Fluid Ounces 
  • Screw top sold separately 
  • 53-400 Thread Finish 

Measurements for bottle (without closure):

  • Decoration Area Height: 85.5mm
  • Overall Height: 116mm
  • Diameter: 55mm
  • These dimensions represent the height, diameter and circumference of the bottle only without any closure.