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Grand Puff

Blizzard Ceramic Cartridge

0.5 mL / 1.0 mL

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The Grand Puff Blizzard empty Ceramic Cartridge for D8 and THC oil is a practical choice for all your vaping needs. It is equipped with a ceramic coil and available in either 0.5 mL or 1.0 mL tank capacities. Featuring a 1.4 ohm resistance and a 1.6mm aperture inlet, this cartridge is designed to deliver a superior vaping experience. The twist-on, threaded mouthpiece comes with a white plastic mouthpiece designed to complement the white ceramic post.

Product Specifications
Recommended Uses: Vape
Size: 0.5 ml
1.0 ml
Material: Ceramic
Cartridge Resistance: 1.4 ohms
Cartridge Aperture: ["1.6 mm"]
What's Included?
Mouthpiece Included: ["Yes"]
Cartridge Included: ["Yes"]
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