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Brand King

Silicone Concentrate Container

7 mL / 1 gram | 1.26 x 0.76-in

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Silicone concentrate jars are an essential component of the dabbing experience. They provide an ideal storage solution for concentrates, ensuring that they are well-preserved and easy to access. These jars are made using synthetic rubber, which is a combination of silicon and oxygen. They are airtight, reusable, and non-stick, and their slick surface makes it possible to collect every drop of concentrate, minimizing waste.

  • Ideal for storing concentrates
  • Airtight and reusable
  • Non-stick and easy to clean
  • Durable, heat-resistant, odorless, stainless, and eco-friendly
  • Holds 1 gram of concentrate
  • 7ml capacity

There are numerous benefits of using silicone concentrate jars, including their durability, heat resistance, odorless nature, stainless quality, and eco-friendliness. Silicone jars are resilient, unbreakable, and can withstand high and low temperatures. They are also odorless and do not interact with the terpenes composition of the concentrates stored in them, ensuring that the flavor and aroma are retained without contamination. Additionally, these jars are non-stick, making them easy to clean and maintain, and they are eco-friendly, which helps promote your brand as being environmentally responsible.


  • Made from synthetic rubber, a combination of silicon and oxygen
  • Airtight lid to keep concentrates fresh and prevent them from spilling
  • Non-stick surface for easy concentrate collection
  • Durable and can withstand high and low temperatures
  • Odorless and does not interact with the terpenes composition of concentrates
  • Stainless and will not rust or corrode
  • Eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials
  • Holds 1 gram of concentrate
  • 7ml capacity
Product Specifications
Dimensions: 1.257 x 0.76 in
31.93 x 19.28 mm
Recommended Uses: Concentrate
Size: 1 gram
7 ml
Material: Silicone
What's Included?
Cap Included: Yes
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