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Grand Puff

Squeeze Pop Top Plastic Tube

128 mm | 5.03 x 0.78 in

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Upgrade your pre-roll or vape packaging game with the Grand Puff Premium Child Resistant 128mm Tubes. These tubes are designed to offer a safe, convenient, and easy-to-use solution for packaging your cones or disposable/all in one vapes.

Featuring a positive seal, these tubes provide enhanced freshness for your products, while the odor-tight seal significantly reduces any unwanted odor, ensuring secure storage and privacy for your customers.

This tube is designed to fit a disposable all in one vape so they are slightly longer than a traditional pre roll tube but work great for either product.

We do label application and label printing in house.  Ask for pricing today  |  916-923-9530

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 5.03 x 0.78 in
128 x 20 mm
Recommended Uses: Pre-Rolls / Cones
Material: Plastic
Features: Child-Resistant
Diameter: ["Inner Diameter (Top): 16.6 x 17 mm","Inner Diameter (Bottom): 14.7 mm","Outer Diameter (Top): 18.7 x 18.6 mm","Outer Diameter (Bottom): 17.7 mm"]
What's Included?
Cartridge Included: ["No"]
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