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Brand King

Induction Seal Foil Liner

28 mm | 28 mm

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Heat induction seal (HIS) liners are a popular choice when an airtight seal is needed. These liners provide a strong bond but are not tamper-evident.

An induction machine is required to apply the liner. Heat induction liners are recommended for liquid products, unlike pressure sensitive liners.

One piece foam backed universal heat induction foil inner seal that will seal to all container materials with varying degrees of adhesion.

  • Recommended for use with dry food products. Not suitable for use with fatty or alcoholic food types
 Material Standard Metric
Backing .0105" .2667mm
Foil .001" .0254mm
Heat Seal .001" .0254mm


Materials are compliant with:

  • USFDA Food allergens guidelines
  • California Prop 65 labeling requirements
  • Limitation of heavy metals in packaging per CONEG & EU 94/62/EC, article 11
Product Specifications
Dimensions: 28 mm
Recommended Uses: Supplies
Material: Foil
Diameter: ["28 mm"]
What's Included?
Cap Included: No
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