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Bag King Child-Resistant Opaque Wide Mylar Bag (1/4th oz) 4.7” x 5.9”

$0.35 USD

Bag King Opaque Child Resistant 4.7” x 5.9” Eighth Bags can protect Cannabis Flower, and Edibles from oxygen and moisture with its FDA approved food grade material. Featuring a heat sealable top for tamper-evident purposes as well as a Certified Child Resistant Zipper. The bags have an expandable bottom gusset so that they can stand upright for display purposes & added volume. Available in numerous great colors to add flair to your brand or match back to your company logo. Our modern structure with rounded corners and premium matte finish make the Bag King bag the obvious choice for your brand. 

  • ~20mm wider than our standard child-resistant 1/8th oz bags
  • Holds an eighth (1/4 oz) of an ounce
  • Price is for ONE bag
  • 5.1 mil thickness
  • Zip-locking top allows resealing
  • Expandable bottom allows bag to stand upright
  • Heat seal the top for a tamper-proof option 
  • Meets California compliance for child-resistant packaging
  • 120mm x 150mm x 60mm
  • 4.7" x 5.9" x 2.4"