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Bag King

Child-Resistant Squeeze Top Pre-Roll Tube

116 mm

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Bag King Pre-Roll tubes are a top choice for child-resistant, state-compliant packaging. With custom label design services, they help brand your products effectively. The 116mm pre-roll tubes, available in black, white, green, and purple, offer secure storage for joints, blunts, and carts. They can hold 1-2 pre-rolls per tube and come with the option of a professional custom shrink sleeve label. Bag King's design team can assist in creating unique branding that includes tamper-evident seals for added security.

Product Highlights:

  • Child-resistant, state-compliant packaging
  • Custom label design services
  • 116mm pre-roll tubes in various colors
  • Securely holds joints, blunts, and carts
  • Can hold 1-2 pre-rolls per tube
  • Option for professional custom shrink sleeve label
  • Tamper-evident seals available

Bag King is your trusted source for affordable, high-quality black 116mm pre-roll tubes. Contact us for more information!.

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  • Plastic
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